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Battle Heroes Beginners Strategy Guide – Best Hints, Tips and Cheats


Jul 4, 2021

Mighty Party: Battle Heroes is a strategic battle game that’s packed full of different modes, currencies and more. It can be a bit overwhelming when you’re first starting out, though, so we thought we’d write a guide to help out anyone who’s taking their first steps into the world of Mighty Party: Battle Heroes.

We’ve rounded up what we think are the best hints, tips and tricks for beginners in Mighty Party: Battle Heroes. Follow these strategies and you’re definitely going to find the early part of the game much easier.

Even more seasoned players might find something here they hadn’t considered before. It’s a guide for everyone, because that’s just the kind of site we are. Anyway, here are the best beginners hints, tips and cheats for Mighty Party: Battle Heroes.

Check the numbers

In the battles where you’re leading your army against a bunch of different enemy units, check the numbers and see where you can get victories. Higher numbers will always beat lower ones, so it’s important not to make a misstep. 

Upgrade your fighters

Make sure you upgrade your fighters when you’ve got the cards and gold to do it. Keeping your army as strong as possible is one of the keys to success. The stronger you are, the better your chances of taking down a foe. You’ll get plenty of gold early in the game, so spend it wisely.

Don’t forget to summon

Adding new units to your army is important as well. You’ll get free summons regularly, so make use of them. You can pull some really strong characters who are going to help you out loads in the tougher scraps. Keep building and strengthening your force whenever you get the chance.

Attack the hero

Try and focus most of your attacks on the enemy hero. Taking them down is how you win the game, so try not to waste powerful units when you don’t have to. Of course you should protect your own hero as well, but more often than not you can take down the enemy’s hero before yours is in any danger.

Know your skills

Knowing the skills of your units means you’ll be better placed to use them. Check their cards to see what they’re capable of, then use them to the utmost of their abilities. Don’t waste skills if you don’t have to, and always look for ways you can exploit them on the battlefield.

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