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Apex Legends is under attack by hackers trying to “save Titanfall”


Jul 4, 2021

Many Apex Legends players are currently having trouble playing, as the game’s under attack by hackers looking to “save Titanfall” from, er, hackers. Anyone affected by the hack will get constant messages redirecting them to the hackers’ website and be unable to queue for any game mode.

The Apex Legends hack pops up about a “new game mode” which is just a link to a ‘Save Titanfall’ website, along with the note “TF1 is being attacked so is Apex”. Players who are able to finish a round get an “important message” linking to the site, and many are reporting that all their playlist queue options are locked out.

Apex Legends News on Twitter reports that the hack is mostly PC-only, although some Xbox players have apparently reported seeing the message in-game too. The hackers are angry about the recent DDoS attacks on the Titanfall games – although the website states that hacking has been going on for three years, and calls the games “unplayable”.

Respawn promised in May it was “investigating” the attacks on the Titanfall games, with community coordinator Garza adding, “we are working on a solution, but this one will take time.” Other players are more upset over similar DDoS attacks, hackers, and cheaters affecting Apex Legends itself, prompting the familiar ‘Save Apex Ranked’ hashtag.

Presumably Apex Legends was targeted today by these hackers because it’s both a Sunday and the US’s Independence Day, so there may not be anyone at Respawn to fix the issue right now. For now, affected Apex Legends players will have to be patient, and the same goes for Titanfall fans too – hopefully all of these games can be sorted out before any other hacking occurs.

We’ve reached out to EA/Respawn for comment and will update this post with any response we receive.

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