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Wacky Jelly Strategy Guide – Drop Perfectly With These Hints, Tips and Cheats


Jul 3, 2021

Wacky Jelly is a game that sees you trying to deposit wobbly shapes in the correct place. They bounce, they ricochet, and it’s a lot tougher than it might at first look. But if you’re looking for some guidance to take your Wacky Jelly game up to the next level, you’ve definitely come to the right place.

We’ve written this strategy guide to make sure you’re always in the best position to win. It’s packed full of the best hints, tips and tricks that we’ve discovered during our time playing Wacky Jelly, and we’re only too happy to share them with you.

Whether you’ve dropped your fair share of jellies or you’re taking your first tentative steps into the jelly-dropping arena, you’re going to find something here that’s going to help you out. So, here are the best hints, tips and cheats for Wacky Jelly.

The spin stops when you release

The jelly will stop spinning when you lift up your finger, so make sure it’s in the right position when you do that. Sure, you might have picked the perfect position to drop it into, but if it’s pointing in a weird direction you’re going to fail the level. And that’s the opposite of what we’re aiming for.

Think about your angles

Look at the angle of the object you’re dropping the jelly onto and think about how it’s going to react when it falls. Sometimes that’s going to mean dropping the jelly at an angle so it slides into place, instead of dropping it straight down. It changes from level to level, so have a look and see what’s going to work.

Learn from your mistakes

If you make a mistake, don’t fret – it’s a great learning experience. Consider what went wrong, and how you can counteract it with your next drop. Maybe you need the jelly the other way round? Maybe you need to change your drop position. Change one thing and see what happens.

Don’t forget the bounce

Remember that the jelly is going to bounce when you drop it, and that can cause you all sorts of problems. If you’re dropping onto a flat surface, try and drop the jelly as level as you can. If you’re having trouble with slanted surfaces, try rethinking your drop to counter the rebound.

You don’t have to be perfect

You don’t have to get everything lined up and the correct way round. So long as everything balances, you’re going to complete the level and move on to the next. Play smart and you don’t have to play perfect.

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