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Is Costco open July 4th?


Jul 3, 2021

If you’re holiday shopping, or looking for that missing BBQ item, here’s the guide on Costco 4th of July Hours: Is Costco open July 4th?

Undoubtedly one of our favorite wholesale giants, Costco has got it all.

As we leave the chaos and uncertainty of the pandemic behind us, Costco has had our back as we’ve restocked our shelves and refrigerators in the lead up to summer. With a return to normality seemingly just around the corner, July 4 weekend provides us with the chance to celebrate and relieve our anxieties.

Whether you plan to cook up a family meal for that long-overdue get together, or pop open a bottle of wine with your spouse, this coming weekend offers us the chance to do exactly that.

Costco 4th of July hours: Is Costco open July 4th?

Unfortunately, Costco closes shop on July 4. This comes as no surprise, as the superstore tends to shut it’s doors on most major holidays, Independence Day included.

At the time of reading this, you may have time for a last minute shop. So lace your shoes, grab your face mask and run, forest, run! Last minute shoppers are forecast for the 3rd, so be prepared for long-queues and scarce shelves.

If you’re like us and would much rather avoid the pandemonium of a last-second rush, Walmart and Target provide alternate solutions. However, be sure to check your local stores’ opening hours, as some may vary.

See you on Monday,  Costco, oh how we’ll miss you.

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