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Hey, at least the bundles are good


Jul 3, 2021

We can’t really expect mind-blowing sales from the Microsoft Store every week, but the meagre selection of deals that dropped this week was still pretty disappointing. Every cloud has a silver lining, however! We were able to pull out 11 games that will give you a quick and easy Gamerscore boost, and while there wasn’t really enough meat on the sale to do a proper Team Picks article this week, we thought it was still worth shining a light on the best part of this week’s discounts: the bundles.While there are only four of these, they’re all great value and deserving of some attention, especially given how negative the general reception to this week’s sales has been. As usual, there’s some fantastic stuff in there — it’s just a case of knowing where to look.Guacamelee! 2 CompleteDrinkBox masterfully combines exploration, combat, platforming and puzzles (we refuse to use the ‘M’ word… y’know, the one that rhymes with ‘betroidvania’) in this crazy and colourful sequel. Guacamelee! 2 has a glorious sense of flow to it once you start unlocking its over-the-top abilities, which serve to liven up (and speed up) both mobility and combat. The wacky humour won’t be to everyone’s tastes and gameplay can get pretty challenging (especially if you’re playing on Hard, which one achievement requires) but it still shouldn’t prove too taxing for most players, making it a satisfying completion and not an overly long one. This bundle also gets you both DLC packs, which add some solid additional content as well as an extra 340G in achievements that can be grabbed in just a few hours. Warning: players must have a high tolerance for memes.Guacamelee! 2 CompleteGet the complete Guacamelee! 2 experience by picking up the game and both DLC packs together!Indie Bundle: Shiness and Seasons After FallGetting two great games for less than the price of one is never going to be a bad deal. This creatively-named package throws together two rather different games — action-RPG Shiness: The Lightning Kingdom and chilled 2D platformer Seasons After Fall — and it’s not just that they’re from completely different genres. From an achievements standpoint, Seasons After Fall is a relatively quick completion and an easy list, while Shiness can take getting on for 100 hours to fully complete, though it’ll be worth it for ratio hunters. A couple of bucks for both these games is an absolute steal… heck, it’s still a decent deal even if you only plan on playing one of them!INDIE BUNDLE: Shiness and Seasons after FallDive into the enchanted universes of indie puzzle-platformer Seasons after Fall and indie Action-RPG Shiness: the Lightning Kingdom for hours of thrilling gameplay and magical exploration.Mafia III: Definitive EditionThe Mafia games have been popping up in the sales a fair bit lately, but if it’s just the latest game you’re after, Mafia III: Definitive Edition is currently as cheap as it has ever been. The third game in the trilogy is, like its predecessors, a fantastic period piece, this time fast-forwarding to the Sixties with a stellar soundtrack to prove it. Like all games of its ilk, it’s going to be a pretty involved completion, especially with the three DLC packs bundled in to bring it just shy of 2,000G total. We’ve also heard reports that some of its achievements can be a little finicky, so feel free to take to the comments if you have any words of wisdom or warning for potential purchasers. Mafia III: Definitive EditionPart three of the Mafia crime saga – 1968, New Bordeaux, LA.
After years of combat in Vietnam, Lincoln Clay knows this truth: family isn’t who you’re born with, it’s who you die for. When his surrogate family, the black mob, is betrayed and wiped out by the Italian Mafia, Lincoln builds a new family on the ashes of the old and blazes a path of military-grade revenge through the Mafioso responsible.The Surge 1 & 2 – Dual Pack (Xbox)The success of Dark Souls spawned a slew of mimics, ranging from the great (Salt and Sanctuary) to the not-so-great (Lords of the Fallen). The Surge sits towards the upper end of the Souls-like tier list, with The Surge 2 slightly higher thanks to some smart evolution of the original’s formula. Both are worth your time if you’re into these kinds of challenging action-RPGs, with enough novel mechanics to stop them feeling like direct copies of From’s fan favourites. The Surge 2 is currently on Game Pass, sure, but it’s coming up on 18 months since it was added, so we wouldn’t be surprised to see it leave fairly soon. This double-pack has never been cheaper so either way, if you want to buy the pair to own, now’s the time.The Surge 1 & 2 – Dual Pack (Xbox)This bundle includes The Surge and The Surge 2’s base game experiences.
The Surge
A catastrophic event has knocked you out during your first day on the job. You wake up, mysteriously equipped with a heavy-grade exoskeleton, and must fight to escape.
The Surge 2
Fight ferocious threats in brutal, unforgiving combat, slashing and tearing the limbs off your opponents to steal their equipment.Any of these take your fancy? Or do you think there’s something else in the sales that is better than these bundles? Let us know!

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