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Bend Studio New Game Will Apparently Have Multiplayer Elements


Jul 3, 2021

A job advertisement published by Sony Interactive Entertainment’s Bend Studio seems to suggest that the developer’s upcoming title will include multiplayer.The vacancy for a Senior Network Programmer was originally advertised a month ago, but has only been picked up by internet sleuths now. Nevertheless, it provides some hints about the mystery project from the folks behind Days Gone and Syphon Filter.“Sony Bend Studio, renowned creator of Days Gone, Uncharted: Golden Abyss, and Syphon Filter, is seeking outstanding talent to join our passionate and creative family in crafting our next high-profile AAA console title,” the job description reads. “We are seeking a Senior Network Programmer to contribute to our development process on a AAA game. This position specializes in specific areas of programming that centers around the support of low-level network issues (ex: TCP, UDP, etc.), multiplayer engine design/architecture, PSN platform services, digital rights management, patching and digital commerce.”Another job advertisement for a Senior Gameplay Programmer also mentions multiplayer. Bend Studio is specifically looking for a candidate with prior multiplayer experience to work on “game logic, character behaviors, state-based animations selection, motion systems, scripted mini-games, physics systems, collision systems, rendering, particle effects, entities systems, camera logic, and audio support.”It was recently revealed that Sony shot down a pitch for Days Gone 2, reportedly due to its lackluster reception by the press. While the latter is just speculation, the game’s developers have since confirmed that a sequel was pitched to the publisher.We’ll update our readers when we have more information about the mystery project.[Source: Bend Studio via GamesRadar]

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