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The Last Oricru Gameplay Shows a Mysterious Planet


Jul 2, 2021

During E3, Koch Media unveiled new publisher Prime Matter. The Last Oricru was one of ten PlayStation games from the publisher that were also revealed that day, although very few details were forthcoming at the time. That’s all changed with a new gameplay video that shows off a mysterious planet caught in the grip of a civil war, and gives more of an indication of what protagonist Silver needs to achieve.The Last Oricru is a story-driven action RPG set on the medieval-esque world of Wardenia. The planet has been terraformed through the raging conflict as two predominant races battle for control. Despite a protective barrier isolating the planet from the rest of space, Silver’s ship still manages to crash land on its surface. As seen in the video below, he’s then woken up from his cryochamber in a rather brutal way.Silver has the ability to influence the ongoing conflict and decide the outcome of the planet. Combat plays a large part in the game with massive battles against multiple enemies and many boss fights to be had. Essence can be collected from fallen enemies to be used at portals to level up six skills in a simplified system that tries to prevent players from drowning in statistics. Weapons and other equipment can also be upgraded.Player choices and the relationships they build will decide whether Silver fights on his own or whether he will ally with factions and fight alongside them. The video also shows how one simple option can affect whether other NPC characters live or die as well as Silver’s own fate. There will be multiple endings as a result.The game’s campaign can be played in single-player or with a drop-in, drop-out couch co-op friend, which will open up other possibilities during conflict. The game will scale in difficulty to reflect the number of players so a co-op buddy won’t necessarily make the game easier. There are also secret areas that can only be reached in co-op.The Last Oricru doesn’t have a release window yet. The current video shows alpha footage so don’t expect the game to be released anytime soon, but we do know the game will eventually arrive for PlayStation 5.[Source: Prime Matter]

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