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There are reportedly at least two separate Silent Hill games in development


Jun 30, 2021

Konami, the company behind Silent Hill, and Bloober Team, the company that made Layers of Fear and The Medium, are now officially working together to produce games from “existing and new IPs”. After years of rumours around a new entry in the Silent Hill series, this is a big moment of hope for fans – and according to reliable insiders, multiple Silent Hill games are in the works.

The Bloober project is, indeed, a Silent Hill game, as VGC reports via anonymous sources. The outlet also reiterates its previous reports that Konami has additionally outsourced a separate Silent Hill game to a “prominent” Japanese studio. The Japan-developed Silent Hill game has been described as a “departure” from past games in the series.

This is part of what’s described as a broad effort on Konami’s part to let external studios handle its IP, after the disappointment of games like Metal Gear Survive. There are reportedly new Castlevania and Metal Gear Solid games in the planning phases as part of this initiative, too.

While we’ll have to wait for official confirmation, it seems that Konami is reviving Silent Hills in the most literal way possible: by making multiple Silent Hills.

For more horror games to play in the absence of those Silent Hills, you can follow that link.

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