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WoW: Shadowlands Season 2 Valor Points Guide


Jun 29, 2021

After its launch in 9.0.5, it’s time for Valor points to return in patch 9.1. We’ll look at how the system works and what changes are coming.

After the gearing issues of Season 1, it was great to see Blizzard keep the Valor system heading into Season 2. In fact, it was pretty clear that the system was pushed forward to 9.0.5 as a bandaid fix for the mid-season gearing issues.

Note: Everything below is subject to change before Season 2 begins on July 6th.

How do you earn Valor points?

There are currently two ways to earn Valor Points in Shadowlands Season 2:

  • Completing your daily Covenant Callings will reward you with 50 Valor points for Epic Callings, and 35 for Blue Callings.
  • The other way is via completed Mythic + dungeons where you’ll earn 135 Valor Points per Mythic+ regardless of level.

What’s the weekly Valor cap?

Information subject to change*

Each week we’ll be given 750 Valor Points as a cap, if you miss a week or don’t hit the cap, you can just earn twice as much the next week. This means you’d be able to upgrade one or two items a week one rank depending on the slot. The system works pretty much the same as the current PvP Conquest system. Stopping people from farming Valor Points, while not punishing those who take a week off.

A female Dranei stands in front of the entrance to the tower in Oribos

Where is the Valor Point Vendor

The Valor Point vendor is located inside Oribos at the same location as the PvP vendors which you can find at 34.55, 56.55. The command /way 34.55 56.55 will locate it on the map.

How to upgrade Mythic+ gear with Valor Points

Ranks 1-6 can be done without attaining a Mythic+ rating, after that, you’ll need to hit specific scores to progress.

  • Rank 1 – 210ivl
  • Rank 2 – 213ivl
  • Rank 3 -216ivl
  • Rank 4 – 220ivl
  • Rank 5 – 223ivl
  • Rank 6 – 226ivl

From rank 7-12 you’ll need to achieve more ratings, with the final rank requiring 2000 points, this is “easily” achieved by timing all Mythic+ dungeons on a +15 on both Tyrannical and Fortified.

  • Rank 7 – 229ivl    Attain a Mythic+ Rating of at least 600 during Shadowlands Season Two.
  • Rank 8 – 233ivl    Attain a Mythic+ Rating of at least 1000 during Shadowlands Season Two.
  • Rank 9 – 236ivl    Attain a Mythic+ Rating of at least 1000 during Shadowlands Season Two.
  • Rank 10 – 239ivl    Attain a Mythic+ Rating of at least 1400 during Shadowlands Season Two.
  • Rank 11 – 242ivl    Attain a Mythic+ Rating of at least 1700 during Shadowlands Season Two.
  • Rank 12 – 246ivl    Attain a Mythic+ Rating of at least 2000 during Shadowlands Season Two.

How much does it cost to upgrade Valor Points gear?

250 Valor – Shield, Offhand, Ring, Cloak, Bracer, Neck
400 Valor – Trinket, Belt, Shoulders, Gloves, Boots
475 Valor – Helm, Legs, Chest
500 Valor – One-Handed Agility Weapon
750 Valor – One-Handed Intellect Weapon
750 Valor – One-Handed Strength Weapon
1000 Valor – Two-Handed Weapon

Can you upgrade Season 1 gear?

No, only Season 2 gear can be upgraded with Season 2 Valor points. At the end of Season 1, all of your Valor from that season will be turned into gold.

Information correct as of 06/29/21 – prior to patch 9.1 and Season 2.

Images: Blizzard

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