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Suns fans chant ‘Suns in 6’ after losing Game 5 to Clippers


Jun 29, 2021

Well, the Phoenix Suns didn’t close out the Clippers in five games, but fans are optimistic Suns in 6 will be a reality on Wednesday night.

Phoenix Suns fans weren’t down for too long after falling to the Los Angeles Clippers in Game 5 on Monday night.

As fans walked out of Suns Arena after losing 116-102 to Paul George and the Clippers, Suns fans chanted ‘Suns in 6’ on the way to the parking lot.

NBA Playoffs: Suns fans chant ‘Suns in 6’ after falling to Clippers in Game 5

After a fight broke out in the stands between a Suns fan and a pair of Denver Nuggets fan that spawned the ‘Suns in 4’ meme and merchandise, the fans aren’t ready to drop the phrasing despite losing a game.

Suns in 6 is still alive and if they lose Game 6 on Wednesday night in Los Angeles, you can bet fans will be saying ‘Suns in 7’ even though some will likely be feeling a little pessimistic after dropping two straight.

Game 7 would be in Phoenix, but Suns fans are hoping the next home game is in the NBA Finals against either the Milwaukee Bucks or Atlanta Hawks.

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