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Mass Effect Movie Or TV Series Is A Case Of ‘When, Not If,’ Says Series’ Creative Director


Jun 28, 2021

Mac Walters, the creative director and writer on BioWare‘s much-loved Mass Effect franchise, reckons it’s a case ‘when, not if’ a TV series or movie adaptation of the epic sci-fi series will be made.Walters not only served as creative director on Mass Effect: Andromeda and Mass Effect: Legendary Edition, but was also narrative head honcho for Mass Effect 2 and Mass Effect 3.And, speaking with Business Insider, he revealed that BioWare Hollywood has already shown a lot of interest in taking on the franchise in some capacity.It’s such an expansive world, and so many people I know in the TV and film industry have reached out to ask me when we’re going to do it and saying we’ve got to do it. It felt like we were always fighting the IP. What story are we going to tell in 90 to 120 minutes? Are we going to do it justice?If you’re going to tell a story that’s as fleshed out as ‘Mass Effect,’ TV is the way to do it. There’s a natural way it fits well with episodic content.Warner Bros. Legendary Pictures originally announced that it was working on a Mass Effect movie, although the project ultimately never got off the ground.Related Content – Sony PS5 Complete Guide – A Total Resource On PlayStation 5BioWare is currently working on the next instalment in the Mass Effect franchise, although a release date is still some way off at this point.[Source – VGC]

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