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Xbox Series X|S Auto HDR and DirectStorage features coming to Windows 11


Jun 27, 2021

During Microsoft’s Windows 11 reveal event, Xbox corporate VP Sarah Bond announced that Auto HDR and DirectStorage, the storage solution in Xbox Series X|S consoles, are coming to Windows 11. Auto HDR is an AI feature that offers richer and more immersive visuals for games running in SDR. Auto HDR is used in some older games that do not have native HDR support, elevating the game’s overall visual quality with a “much wider range of brightness values and colours, giving an extra sense of richness and depth to the image.” It’s an impressive feature that you’ll already be familiar with if you have a Series X|S. During the presentation, Bond mentioned that Auto HDR will be coming to over 1,000 games.Also coming to Windows 11 is DirectStorage, a new technology that was pioneered as part of the Xbox Velocity Architecture and features in Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S consoles. In an Xbox Wire post, Bond says that with a “high-performance NVMe SSD and the proper drivers, Windows 11 can soon load new games faster than ever” without bogging down your CPU. “This means you’ll get to experience incredibly detailed game worlds rendered at lightning speeds, without long load times,” Bond continues. DirectStorage will only be available with Windows 11. Microsoft also recently announced that Xbox Cloud Gaming will be directly integrated into the Xbox app on PC. Windows 11 launches as a free upgrade this holiday.

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