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Xbox games are set for beast mode with AMD’s FidelityFX Super Resolution


Jun 27, 2021

Xbox and AMD have confirmed that FidelityFX Super Resolution is now available in the Xbox GDK for developers to preview, covering both Xbox consoles and Windows 10. The implementation of this new technology opens the doors for a future where games could run at high framerates without the need to lose visual fidelity.The news comes via Jason Ronald’s Twitter account, announcing that the Xbox GDK now allows developers to preview AMD’s FidelityFX Super Resolution tools when designing games for Xbox consoles and Windows 10 PC. We previously reported that using this innovative technology, developers will be able to deliver games in high resolutions and visual fidelity without sacrificing the game’s performance. Right now, graphically intense games are needing to sacrifice details and, in some cases, resolution, to achieve the higher framerates that are becoming the gaming standard. Hopefully, this will help alleviate the issue — 4K Ray Tracing at 120fps anyone? Of course, this is still a way off, and it’ll be some time before we see the benefits of AMD’s FidelityFX come to fruition, but it’s exciting, nonetheless.The tweet mentions Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and Windows 10 systems will all be supported. It’s great news for Xbox Series X consoles and Windows 10, sure, but it’s Xbox Series S and Xbox One consoles that stand to gain the most from this. The Xbox Series S is a mini powerhouse but lacks the performance to keep up with its bigger sibling. AMD’s FidelityFX should help bring its performance closer to that of the Xbox Series X, though, not quite on the same level, obviously. Drooling with excitement about the future of Xbox game performance? Let us know down below!

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