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Konami has just skilled EA in the football-sim war


Jun 27, 2021

Konami’s PES and EA’s FIFA have long been in competition in the football-sim space. Pro Evolution Soccer has been the underdog for the best part of a decade now; however, the reveal for PES 2022 will be coming the day before EA Play Live — the expected venue for a FIFA 22 reveal — perhaps giving Konami’s game the initial upper hand in this year’s race. The beta for PES 2022 was found on the Konami website yesterday, listed as ‘New Football Game.’ The beta is a test of the “quality of online matchmaking and connection,” and runs from now until July 8th. Cross-gen and cross-play are confirmed, but you can only play within your family of consoles. No huge leaks like the FIFA beta, though, because it is open to all right now — just search the store for ‘New Football Game Online Performance Test’ and get involved. The second part of the news is that Konami is set to reveal the game in full on July 21st — the day before EA Play Live on the 22nd, where FIFA 22 is expected to be debuted. PES had a respectable year off in 2020, where it was essentially just a kit and roster update. That gave the development team additional time to figure out the switch to Unreal Engine after using FOX for previous entries. This date is certainly aligned to try and dampen the FIFA announcement. PES has arguably been better than FIFA on the pitch for a few years. With the next entry, there will likely be tweaks to the menus, extra licencing agreements for added authenticity, and additions to the myCLUB game mode. Let’s see if this is the PES year on July 21st.Is this a rabona top-bins for Konami? Or does it just not matter, because FIFA is too powerful? Let us know in the comments!

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