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Hand-drawn puzzle-platformer Out of Line heads to Xbox later this year


Jun 27, 2021

Out of Line is a hand-drawn puzzle-platformer by developer Nerd Monkeys, heading to Xbox later this year, and is about a young boy with amnesia trying to escape an oppressive factory regime. Nerd Monkeys’ upcoming puzzle-platformer will be taking us on a journey of self-discovery with the protagonist, San, in Out of Line. San is suffering from memory loss, and we need to help him recover it, all while attempting to escape an oppressive factory regime. While we embark on this adventure, the devs say players will “uncover existential themes that relate to their own lives.”“Out of Line’s meticulously designed, hand-drawn aesthetic perfectly translates a creative vision we imagined several years ago,” says lead artist, Francisco Santos. The game’s art style is inspired by Studio Ghibli, impressionist art, and modern philosophy, all hand-crafted to bring San’s colourful adventure to life.While making our way through the game, we’ll be able to use San’s spear to perform a multitude of actions, such as operating platforms and stopping machinery to progress through the story. Along the way, we’ll meet extraordinary creatures, unravel mysteries, and “discover the power of hope in the face of tyranny.”Out of Line is set to launch on Xbox later this year. Will you be looking to accompany San on his adventure? Let us know!

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