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FIFA 22 beta leaks suggest gameplay changes and new commentator


Jun 27, 2021

FIFA 22 has apparently had a beta cancelled for unknown reasons, but it might be related to the many details that have slipped through the net despite NDAs. FIFA 22 is expected to be fully revealed on Thursday, July 22nd at the EA Play Live event. The notorious FIFA leaker KingLangpard suggested that the FIFA 22 playtest has been cancelled. That is likely because Twitter was ablaze with the new features in the game overnight. Bear in mind that these features are both rumours and from a beta version of the game, so they could be false and/or liable to change. GameplayKingLangpard led the charge on gameplay leaks, too. There are three key items to discuss and one bonus bit of gossip.If, as the leak suggests, using a stick click would let you shift into a stricter player switch mechanism, then that might tidy up some of the defending issues that have plagued FIFA for years. In FIFA 21, defending was supposed to be fixed, but in reality, it is not uncommon to end up in a 6-6 draw where Pirlo scores about three from mazy runs (that isn’t hyperbole, it happened last night). Part of the issue is the occasional lack of control over the switching mechanic. This locked selection might help alleviate having to press LB endlessly to toggle between players, thus preventing the loss of player momentum and destroying your defensive shape. Second man press has also had a time of it in recent games. In FIFA 20, defending manually was so unreliable that the best way to defend was holding RB for the second man press and then just covering passing lanes or late runners with another player. FIFA 21’s second man press ‘solved’ this by making second man press useless but paired it with really unreliable tackling mechanics. A system that gives the press timed effectiveness would be a smart method of at least solving the endless pressure of 20, without the uselessness of 21. Passing is a hot topic, so we’ll just leave this to you in the comments. There have been conflicting reports on this, clearly. We are inclined to believe the second tweet from FUTZone, just so that if it is announced we can get so hyped that we can rip off our shirts and scream and run wildly around the TA hut. Also, the mechanics and viability of an online career mode are just too much to think about, and we don’t want to spend a page writing about it. Sorry. Other featuresThese come from a host of sources, but these were the most reliable.After years of Martin Tyler, it was a bit sad when he was removed. Derek Rae and Lee Dixon were great colour commentators, but just not the same. The addition of Alex Scott could be fantastic, though. Her insightful punditry in the last two or three years has blown a few of the old guard out of the water. Hopefully, if this is true, they will actually record enough lines this time, because we really don’t know how many more times we can hear “Oh, he’s got to do better there” after we have made the best clearance with Luke O’Nien that he has ever seen in his life. 120fps on next-gen? Yes, please! This would certainly help you measure out the frame count on certain skill moves as well as more accurately detect how fast the ball is skimming on the surface of the pitch so you could time inputs better. Listen, it sounds nerdy, but we promise it would make more of a difference than resolution.EA has been taking images and tweets down for a while, but the beta for NA players was scraped according to a Twitter account that specialises in scraping the PlayStation databases for new content. That at least confirms that all of these other accounts weren’t lying, not that anyone would do that anyway… right? Right?That’s all the news for now, but we will keep you updated. There are rumours of a strong crossing and heading meta, but we simply won’t know until the beta goes public. Even then, any meta will be updated into oblivion. What do you think? Are there any features in particular that are giving you the FIFA tingles? Let us know in the comments!

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