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Dev’s LinkedIn Mentions ‘Secret’ Guerrilla Games Project


Jun 27, 2021

ResetEra user Nightengale has spotted interesting bits of information over on the LinkedIn profile of Guerrilla Games’ Game Director, Simon Larouche.Larouche, who rejoined Guerrilla Games in February 2018 following a previous stint between 2006 and 2009, notes on his profile that he is currently working on an “unannounced title” for the studio. The description also states that he is serving as Game Director on the “secret game.” Considering, Horizon Forbidden West was announced quite a while ago, this one has fans scratching their chins. It’s possible that Guerrilla Games has multiple projects in the works, but we don’t have any confirmation of this yet.It’s worth noting that Larouche’s game development career revolves around multiplayer and online elements. In his previous stint at Guerrilla Games, he worked on Killzone 2‘s multiplayer. He then went on to spend eight years at Ubisoft, working on multiple titles including Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Patriots, Splinter Cell Blacklist, and Watch Dogs 2.In 2017, Larouche joined Eidos Montreal to work as Online Gameplay Director on Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy. As we reported yesterday, he revealed on his profile that the game’s multiplayer was cancelled. That’s probably why his time at Eidos Montreal only lasted a year before he rejoined Guerrilla Games.Given the information above and Larouche’s history of multiplayer development, we’re certainly intrigued. Since this news is bound to make rounds, here’s a screenshot of his profile in case it’s updated:We’ll keep our eyes and ears peeled and update our readers when we have more information.[Source: LinkedIn via ResetEra]

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