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Rainbow Six Extraction Operator Showcase takes a swing at Sledge


Jun 25, 2021

Ubisoft has dropped another 40-second Operator Showcase clip on its YouTube channel for Rainbow Six Extraction. This time it covers hammer-wielding, Sledge, and his ample use of shotguns when an upfront blasting is required.Rainbow Six Extraction is slowly crawling towards its September 16th release date and in anticipation, Ubisoft is dropping extremely short clips that give the Operators a bit of attention. Sledge is this week’s star child and is an expert at breaching rooms using his tactical hammer, then switching to his shotgun to bring the pain to the unsuspecting critters on the other side. The tactical hammer is also an especially useful tool for stunning your enemies, especially the bigger ones, so you can preserve your ammunition for extra slaughter goodness. We’ll be able to play Rainbow Six Extraction on September 16th when it releases for Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One. Will you be joining the REACT team as Sledge to turn walls to rubble? Let us know!

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