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Rocket League’s Summer Roadtrip starts July 1st


Jun 24, 2021

Rocket League’s Summer Roadtrip begins on July 1st and will bring a double XP weekend, various game modes, and the return of popular vehicle bundles, including Jurassic World, Ford F-150, and more.As the weather starts to warm up for the summer season, Psyonix is looking to turn up the heat in Rocket League with the Summer Roadtrip event. Starting on July 1st and lasting throughout the whole month, the Summer Roadtrip is adding weekly Limited Time Modes (LTMs), throwing in five item bundles, and kicking it all off with a double XP weekend. Don your sun cream because this list is glowing with goodies!July 1st — July 7thFord F-150 Red, White & Boom BundleFord F-150 RLEFord F-150 RLE WheelsFord F-150 SE WheelsFord F-150 RLE BoostFord F-150 Engine AudioFord F-150 Player BannerFord of July Player BannerUnion Beams BoostFormation BFT DecalChairman DecalDouble XP Weekend (ends July 5th)Heatseeker LTM Live (ends July 5th)July 7thSummer Former BundleFancy Ferrule Antenna (free)Formal Four-Fours WheelsFormal Fitter TopperOctane Fancy Formal DecalJuly 8th — July 14thKnight Rider BundleK.I.T.T.K.I.T.T. Engine AudioK.I.T.T. Gullwing TopperK.I.T.T. BoostK.I.T.T. WheelsKnight Rider Player BannerKnight Industries Player Banner2v2 Beach Ball LTM Live (ends July 12th)July 15th — July 21stBack to the Future BundleDeLorean Time MachineDeLorean Time Machine Engine AudioDeLorean Time Machine TrailDeLorean Time Machine WheelsOutaTime BoostHoverboard TopperMarty Jr. Topper3v3 Dropshot Rumble LTM Live (ends July 19th)July 22nd — July 28thJurassic World BundleJurassic Jeep WranglerJurassic Jeep Wrangler Engine AudioJurassic Jeep Wrangler WheelsJurassic Park Hard Hat TopperJurassic World AntennaJurassic Park AntennaJurassic World Player BannerJurassic Park Player BannerT.rex Goal ExplosionMr. DNA Player BannerInGen AntennaRocket Labs: 3v3 Loophole LTM Live (ends July 26th)Will you be taking part in some fun in the sun when Rocket League’s Summer Roadtrip starts next Thursday, July 1st? Let us know down below!

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