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PlayStation Studios Team ASOBI Is Expanding With 12 New Job Openings


Jun 23, 2021

Team ASOBI is hiring a dozen new team members for its studio, from animators to game designers and character artists, and more. The hiring surge is part of the company’s plans to expand after PlayStation Studios recently went through a restructuring that eliminated Japan Studio and focused efforts around Team ASOBI. While all of the job openings are based in the Tokyo area, the inclusion of an English job description and the possibility of remote work shows that the studio is also willing to hire non-Japanese people as well.The open job positions were announced via Team ASOBI’s official Twitter account, in which it stated that worldwide talents were welcome to apply. The various recruitments range from Junior to Senior-level positions, all of which stress things such as “creativity and humor” as well as the “playful” game design that the studio is known for, being the team behind the Astro Bot series. Below is a list of all of the job openings currently available:Game DesignerConcept ArtistTechnical Artist/RiggerAnimator3D Character ArtistEnvironment ArtistFX ArtistUI ArtistGameplay ProgrammerAnimation ProgrammerVFX ProgrammerGraphics ProgrammerTeam ASOBI officially became an internal division of PlayStation Studios earlier this month and announced its plans to expand in the near future. It stated back in 2020 that the studio had no plans for a sequel to the PS5’s Astro’s Playroom. While there aren’t any specific details within the job openings that state the development of an Astro’s Playroom sequel is in the works, the fact that the studio is hiring a whole new group of employees indicates that they are working on something at the very least.All of this comes after Japan Studio went through a restructuring back in 2020, in which many high-profile members of Sony Interactive Entertainment left the company. These members included people such as Silent Hill creator Keiichiro Toyama, and Bloodborne and Demon’s Souls remake producer Teruyuki Toriyama. Both Sony Interactive CEO Jim Ryan and PlayStation Studios Head Hermen Hulst have stated, however, that Japanese video game studios –both internal and outsourced — will continue to play a vital role in the company.[Source: Twitter]

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