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WoW: What's Coming In Shadowlands Patch 9.1


Jun 22, 2021

After 7 months of waiting for the first major content patch, Shadowlands is finally moving into 9.1.

The wait is finally over for Shadowlands players, with patch 9.1 dropping on June 29 (US) & June 30 (EU). With it comes a new raid (released a few weeks later) flying mounts, a new area in The Maw, changes to Torghast, a new Megadungeon, and much, much more. In this article, we’ll highlight some key things coming in the patch and go into some detail on those.

When does Shadowlands 9.1 release?

June 29 (US) & June 30 (EU), most of the content will go live on this date, with a few (such as flying and the raid) slightly time-gated by a few weeks.

New Maw Area, Korthia, City of Secrets

Korthia is a new extension to the existing Maw. The new area sees the Jailer searching for the final fragment to finish his devilish plan (Basically Thanos and his gauntlet). Korthia will offer new daily activities and a pair of new mounts for players to use in the Maw and in Shadowlands. Pictured below are the Spectral Steed and severed hand mount.

Two new mounts, the Spectral Steed, a ghostly horse with spiked armor. And the Severed Hand, a giant skeletal hand with a dias atop the wrist that players can sit upon.For anyone looking to add a spooky hand to their mount collection

For a full overview of the zone, Icy Veins has a comprehensive guide to all the quests and story missions.

New Raid: Sanctum of Domination

With a new patch comes a new raid, and patch 9.1 looks to be bringing another banger. This 10-boss raid will feature encounters with the true Eye of the Jailer, the Banshee Queen, and a number of other memorable foes. The raid will launch in Normal and Heroic on July 6th, with Mythic opening on July 13th alongside the first wing of LFR.

The Terragrue, a skeletal, armored demon with horns like a taurenThe Terragrue has left Torghast and have moved into the new raid

New Megadungeon, Tazavesh, the Veiled Market

The popular megadungeon format will return in 9.1, with Tazavesh. The dungeon will feature 8 bosses themed around the Broker Trading City. Like previous Megadungeons, it will begin as a Mythic only, with a Mythic+ version coming likely in patch 9.1.

The dungeon starts with players exploring the market, encountering new types of Brokers that players are yet to see before. The second half is a heist, as players chase the broker who has stolen an artifact as they flee through portals and take us to new bosses.

New Mythic + seasonal affix and rating system

The new Mythic+ Affix for Season 2 is Tormented. It’s a cross between the BFA Awakened affix, and the orbs found in Torghast. Each dungeon will feature four lieutenants who, if not dealt with will empower the final boss, however, if defeated players will be given the option of three buffs, similar to Torghast. These powers are not random, however, and will always be the same for each Lieutenant.

New in 9.1 is a Radio.io-style rating system. Players will be awarded points for each Mythic+ they complete. The score is based on a combination of Keystone level, Affixes, speed, and whether you did it on Fortified and Tyrannical. Note, that you do need to complete them on both Fortified and Tyrannical to maximize your points.

A black dragon, wearing a pirate's hat and coat, stands on the shoreline next to a shipThe new Megadungeon will feature a pirate dragon. That’s all you need to know.

PvP Season 2

A new patch sees a new PvP season come to the game. Season 2 sees one major change to PvP gear and that’s that it’s now dynamic, meaning it will gain +13 item levels while in PvP content (Arena, Battlegrounds, and War Mode). The new season will also introduce a host of new honor talents or replacements for existing talents.

The new Vicious Mounts available in PvP, giant scarab-like beetles with massive golden mandiblesWe’re not sure what these are, but it makes us want to PvP

We’ll also gain new Vicious War mounts for both Horde and Alliance (shown above). The PvP season will start a week after 9.1s launch alongside Mythic+ season 2.

Torghast and Maw update

Torghast is getting a new scoring system and perks in 9.1. With Blizzard looking to make the system more enjoyable for players who felt it was a thankless task. The number of floors per run has dropped from 6 to 5, and the maximum number of layers has increased from 9 to 12. Torghast will also feature a new bonus floor: Adamant Vaults, Blessings, which act as a positive version of the Torments system. Lastly, new Anima Powers will be added alongside a new currency and a Soul Ash catch-up.

The Maw was not as liked as Blizzard had hoped, and Blizzard is trying to fix that by opening the zone up to all ground mounts. Korthia, a new area in the Maw will also come in 9.1, bringing new quests and stories. Our Covenants will also be joining us in the Maw, making the zone feel a little less oppressive, the Jailer’s forces will also show up, however, and we’ll have to take them down in “Assaults”.

Flying Comes to Shadowlands Zones

Finally, we can fly in Shadowlands in patch 9.1, though it has some caveats. You can view our full guide here, but the TLDR is that we can fly in any of the main questing zones, however, you cannot fly from zone-to-zone. The Maw and Oribos also won’t allow flying.

9.1 Class and Covenant changes

Lastly, we see the usual class changes, and 9.1 has seen plenty. Mostly a lot of the over performing specs such as Fire Mage, Holy Paladin, etc have been hit, with a few of the worst performers buffed.

For a full guide to all the 9.1 class changes, check out Wowhead’s article here.

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