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Fortnite NPC locations – how to converse with Sunny, Joey, or Beach Brutus


Jun 22, 2021

Want to know where the Fortnite NPCs are? Despite changes to how animals and crafting work in the new season, Chapter 2 Season 7 still has a bunch of NPCs to find all across the Fortnite map. Some familiar faces have shifted positions, while other new ones, such as Rick Sanchez from Rick and Morty, are in places you may not expect to find them.

Several challenges in the latest season require you to find certain NPCs and talk to them. While the bulk of them are a friendly bunch that you can trade Fortnite gold bars with, there’s a couple that will shoot you on sight. There’s even one that could be classed as a boss – they’re surrounded by guards and have access to some incredible powers. You’ll certainly need to equip the best Fortnite guns to defeat them.

So in this Fortnite NPC guide, we’ll be going over the locations for all the Fortnite NPCs, which ones are hostile, and how to defeat the ‘boss’ NPC found in Corny Complex. This includes where you can converse with Sunny, Joey, or Beach Brutus for the Season 7 Week 3 Legendary challenge. Expect to see more NPCs added to this map in the future as Epic usually adds new characters throughout the season.

All of the current Fortnite NPC locations pinpointed on the map.

Fortnite NPC locations

Here are all of the Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 7 NPC locations:

  • Abstrakt – behind the supermarket in Retail Row
  • Human Bob – building in the northeast of Steamy Stacks
  • Guggimon – in the house close to Lockie’s Lighthouse, which is on the big island northeast of Coral Castle (Hostile)
  • Sunny – on the pier of Believer Beach
  • Bunker Jonesy – in Lumber Lodge, which is southwest of Misty Meadows
  • Bushranger – at Risky Reels, which is across the river to the east of Boney Burbs
  • Dreamflower – near the purple corruption west of Boney Burbs (can heal you)
  • Joey – close to the entrance of Dirty Docks or southwest of Believer Beach
  • Hayseed – at Steel Farm, which is northeast of Corny Complex (can heal you)
  • Marigold – walking around Lazy Lake
  • Maven – at Dinky Dish, which is the base on the hill west of Steamy Stacks
  • Rick Sanchez – at Defiant Dish, which is the base east of Weeping Woods
  • Riot – on the Yellow Steel Bridge, east of Misty Meadows (Hostile)
  • Rook – in the abandoned IO base west of Dirty Docks
  • Special Forces – at the entrance to the bunker close to Catty Corner (can be duelled and hired)
  • Swamp Stalker – at the southwest corner of the map, south of Slurpy Swamp
  • Doctor Slone – in the underground base hidden under the barn in Corny Complex (Hostile)
  • Beach Brutus – on the western side of the beach in Believer Beach

Doctor Slone, one of the Fortnite NPCs, eating a pastry while sat on a cooler..

Doctor Slone

Most of the NPCs in Fortnite are rather unremarkable, even the ones that shoot at you, but one NPC may give you a bit of trouble. Doctor Slone is the boss of the IO guards that are in Corny Complex. you’ll need to get through a bunch of guards before reaching her main base of operations underneath the red barn.

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Fighting her is another issue entirely. She has a larger shield pool than her IO guard allies and she has a unique Pulse Rifle that does tons of damage. On top of that, when her shield runs low, she’ll make two copies who have the same firepower but slightly lower health and shield pools. Make sure you have decent guns with tons of ammo, and build walls to protect yourself from her shots. If you eliminate her, you will get a special mythic rarity weapon called ‘Slone’s Pulse Rifle’, which is a variant of one of the Fortnite alien weapons.

And those are all of the known Fortnite NPC locations. It’s likely that other NPCs will join at a later date, so do check back soon. While you’re here, you wish to know where the Fortnite alien artifacts are to customise your Kymera styles, or where the Fortnite rubber ducks are to complete that challenge.

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