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Xbox Game Pass adding Roboquest later this year


Jun 20, 2021

Roboquest is a fast-paced first-person looter shooter with a comic-themed art style, and it’s launching into Xbox Game Pass on day one as a console exclusive.RyseUp Studios has announced its upcoming cross-platform shooter, Roboquest, will be entering the Xbox Game Preview program later this year, with a full console exclusive launch planned soon after for Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One and Windows 10. It’ll also head straight into the Xbox Game Pass library for both console and PC on the same day as release. “Roboquest is a crazy fast FPS rogue-lite that places an emphasis on inventive gunplay action and precise movements,” says RyseUp Studios CEO, Milen Ivanov, on Xbox Wire. “A cel-shaded comic-style shooter with blazing gameplay, single and co-op action, and a futuristic story.” We might have written a witty summary of the game ourselves, but Ivanov sums up everything we saw in the trailer perfectly with that one statement. Roboquest takes us to the year 2700, which sees humans struggling to survive in a desert landscape after wars and climate change destroyed the world as we knew it. There might be a lesson there but we’re not sure. What we are sure of, though, is that when a young scavenger girl called Max turns on an old Guardian Robot she finds in the sand, we take control of a robotic battle-badass! We’ll be eradicating evil bots to find the answer to humankind’s survival while fighting our way through procedurally generated environments. Along the way, we’ll have access to 50 unique weapons, powerful technology, upgrades, and new customisation options to ensure our bot looks its best. Did we mention that you’ll be bot-blasting to a soundtrack by NoiseCream? Yes, the same artist that rocked us in My Friend Pedro. You can find the official Roboquest soundtrack on Spotify if you need an ear treat while you wait. Let’s get blasting!Will you be eradicating bad bots when Roboquest launches later this year? Let us know down below!

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