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Klay Thompson gives latest injury update from his boat because he can


Jun 19, 2021

Klay Thompson gave NBA fans an injury update from his boat, because why not?

Who needs press conferences when you can answer fans’ questions directly on social media at a time and place of your own choosing?

Golden State Warriors guard Klay Thompson provided an update on his Achilles injury from the comfort of his boat.

Thompson was live with more than 8,000 fans Friday on social media, answering questions and living his best life. When asked when he would be playing again, Thompson gave an honest assessment of his rehab process.

“Hopefully early next season,” Thompson said. “I mean the Achilles is like a 12-month recovery. I also have to factor in my left knee and I don’t want to come back and be half myself.”

Thompson has not played in a game since the Warriors’ trip to the 2019 NBA Finals. The five-time NBA All-Star had Achilles surgery on Nov. 25, 2020.

Thompson gives injury update live on social media

Thompson appeared to be drinking a coffee and enjoying the sunshine while hanging out with fans. In a day and age when star athletes have millions of followers on social media, it’s no wonder some are tired of doing press conferences. They’re not as necessary as they once were when athletes have the ability to speak directly with the fans at a moment’s notice.

For some, this means posting photos or a written statement. For Klay Thompson, he’d rather enjoy the summer vibes and bring you along on his boat ride.


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