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EHang Dispatches AAVs Passenger Drones for Coronavirus


Jun 19, 2021

EHang sets up aerial emergency channels, dispatching advanced aerial vehicles (AAVs) and passenger drones for coronavirus response in Guangdong, China.
“Since the beginning of the recent coronavirus resurgence in China’s Guangdong Province, EHang Holdings Limited (Nasdaq: EH) (“EHang” or the “Company”) has stepped up as a first-responder and leveraged its autonomous aerial vehicle (AAV) technology by dispatching a flight operations team and multiple AAVs for COVID-19 relief and control efforts in Guangzhou City,” says a company press release.
Drones have been a critical tool in emergency response during the coronavirus pandemic, delivering critical goods without human contact and distributing personal protective equipment and vaccination supplies.  Now, EHang is using passenger drones for coronavirus response, including their flagship EHang 216, EHang 216L (logistics model), EHang Falcon B series and Falcon B (logistics).   The drones are being used for emergency air transportation across the Pearl River in Guangzhou, “successfully completing multiple “contactless” relief and support tasks in the quarantine and containment zones,” says the press release.  In addition, EHang is participating in first response efforts including aerial logistics, aerial inspections and broadcasting, and delivering household supplies to quarantined residents.

The use of passenger drones in coronavirus response efforts could bring urban air mobility forward in China, as AAVs become utilized more frequently for emergency transportation.  The press release says that EHang is “implementing urban air mobility (UAM) systems in emergency transportation scenarios,” an indication that the services may be a precursor to regular passenger transport.

EHang 216 and EHang 216L transporting urgent supplies across the river


EHang Falcon B conducting aerial inspections and aerial broadcasting tasks
“As of today, EHang has been actively involved with epidemic relief and support for 11 days,” says the press release. “EHang’s designated flight operations team will maintain its station near the quarantine and containment zones to continue with household and emergency supply air transport to reduce risks of front-line staff contacting the virus, and further support the coronavirus control and prevention mission in Guangdong Province with improved efficiency.”

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