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The best MG 82 loadout in Warzone


Jun 18, 2021

Searching for the best MG82 loadout in Warzone? The battle royale game is no stranger to powerful LMGs, but this new weapon introduced in Warzone Season 4 might just be the best one yet. One of the goals highlighted by the developers in the most recent patch notes is to make the time-to-kill higher for every weapon in the game; it looks like they may have forgotten about this goal when designing the MG 82…

The latest season of Warzone has introduced a new travel system to ‘80s Verdansk, but it works very differently to the subway system in modern Verdansk. Unlike the subway which would take players from A to B, the Warzone red door locations seem to drop players in one of 12 specific locations. If you do walk through the red door, be prepared to pick up lots of loot, as there are a number of orange supply boxes placed as rewards for adventurous players.

The MG 82 LMG can be unlocked through the free battle pass. The same method can also be used to unlock the best C58 loadout, though you will have to complete a special challenge to get the deadly nail gun. Here’s everything you need to know about the best MG82 loadout in Warzone.

How to unlock the MG82 LMG

To unlock the MG 82 LMG, all you need to do is reach tier 15 on the free battle pass.


The best Warzone MG82 loadout is:

  • Agency Suppressor
  • 16.4” Task Force
  • Field Agent Grip
  • Fast Mag
  • Visiontech 2x

If you loved the time-to-kill of the CR-56 AMAX prior to all the nerfs it received from Season 3 onwards, the MG 82 appears to be its spiritual successor. The main difference between these two weapons is their mobility – the MG 82 isn’t a mobile weapon compared to the lightweight AMAX, but its damage output is very similar.

The MG 82’s base bullet velocity is great, but we can take it further by adding on the Agency Suppressor muzzle. This increases the bullet velocity, effective damage range, and stabilises the vertical recoil control at the cost of aim down sight speed and aiming stability. The muzzle also provides sound suppression, which can be vital in the late stages of the game.

We can improve this weapon’s time-to-kill even further with the 16.4” Task Force barrel. Not only does this stabilise the vertical and horizontal recoil control, but both the effective damage range and bullet velocity are drastically increased. This does significantly reduce the mobility of the gun, so remember to swap out to your secondary weapon before committing to any fire fights.

The Field Agent Grip is a staple for most LMGs as it greatly improves the horizontal and vertical recoil control, allowing you to shoot enemies from medium range comfortably. Unfortunately, this attachment also negatively impacts the LMG’s mobility, though as we mentioned before, you shouldn’t walk with it out in the open anyway.

We’ve gone for the Fast Mag as there is no downside to picking it over the standard 90 round magazine that comes preloaded with the gun. The Fast Mag improves reload quickness without any drawbacks, perfect for those opportunities where a third party manages to flank your squad. For the optic, we’ve selected the Visiontech 2x which is excellent at close to medium range.

And that’s everything you need to know about the best MG 82 loadout in Warzone. There’s a new set of Ground Fall challenges introduced in Season 4, giving players a bunch of rewards for completing a batch of tasks. You may also want to check out the crashed satellite and uplink locations which can be incredibly useful mid match if you’re hunting for powerful loot.

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