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Queen Bee Strategy Guide – Be the Coolest With These Top Hints, Tips and Cheats


Jun 18, 2021

Queen Bee is a game about becoming the most popular girl in a high school. Much like in real life, that’s a pretty difficult thing to do, and it involves avoiding a whole swathe of literal and metaphorical slip-ups. But if that’s what you’re aiming for, you’re going to have to figure a few things out.

Well, you would have to figure them out if you hadn’t come here to read our strategy guide. We’ve played a good chunk of the game and found all of the hints, tips and tricks you’re going to need to ensure you’re always the most popular person in the room. Or hall. Or football pitch.

Follow these strategies and you’ll be climbing up the cool ladder in no time flat. So let’s stop all the fussing and warbling and get on with it – here are the best hints, tips and cheats for Queen Bee.

Go for green

When there are items to pick up, look for the colors that surround them. You want to try and pick up the ones with green thumbs up – those will increase your popularity, which is basically the whole point of the game. Avoid picking up the red items, because they’ll decrease your popularity.

Don’t walk into people

Try and avoid all the other people in the halls – walking into them will knock you over and you’ll suffer a popularity bonus when it happens. Prioritize missing people over picking up gems – it really isn’t worth the risk. And make sure you give people as wide a berth as possible as well.

Avoid the puddles

The puddles of spilt drink, much like people, will make you fall over and damage your popularity rating, so make sure you’re not walking into any of them. Choose the path that’s going to keep you as far away from them as possible, and don’t risk hitting a puddle to get any gems.

What are the gems for?

You can spend the gems in the store at the start of the levels. You can get new styles and characters, but they’re pretty expensive. You’ll earn gems while you play, so it’s not really worth watching the videos to increase your haul. Play for long enough and you’ll earn enough to unlock all of the different styles.

Should I unlock the new outfits?

You’ll often get the chance to watch videos to unlock new outfits. They don’t really change anything about the game, but if you want them, then go ahead and watch the videos. Bear in mind you’re spending time you could be playing the game, though, and you’re not getting that much reward out of it.

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