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Profoto launches Profoto Camera, a new app with built-in camera and ProfotoRAW file format: Digital Photography Review


Jun 18, 2021

Profoto has launched a new mobile application, Profoto Camera. The app, separate from the existing Profoto Control app, allows you to both control compatible Profoto lights and capture images in a new Raw format, Profoto RAW.

Profoto Camera works with AirX-enabled Profoto light. These include the Profoto C1, C1 Plus, A10, B10-series and Pro-11. In addition to controlling compatible lights wirelessly, Profoto Camera allows you to capture images. The app has two different modes, Smart mode and Classic mode.

Smart mode allows you to capture images without any expert knowledge quickly. With the Smart-TTL feature, there are two simple creative controls: flash contrast and flash warmth. You select the look you want, and the app does the rest by adjusting exposure and light settings automatically. You don’t need to select shutter speed, ISO, flash power, color temperature, white balance or tint. The app adjusts these settings for the situation and your desired look. Smart-TTL is a computational flash algorithm that Profoto says is the first and only one of its kind.

Using Smart mode, the user sets the Photo Contrast control (Y axis) and Smart Warmth (X axis) to capture an image with the desired look. You don’t need to set anything manually or adjust flash or camera settings. Click to enlarge.
Classic mode is a traditional shooting experience. The user retains hands-on control over all lighting and photographic settings. You can control flash power using multiple TTL modes. You can also fix flash power, or camera settings, or neither. Once you’ve established your desired settings, Air-X TTL does the rest.

Using the native camera app without flash (left) versus Profoto Camera and a Profoto B10 (right). Image credit: Victor Bruskov. Click to enlarge.
Smart and Classic modes use a new file format available in Profoto Camera, ProfotoRAW. It is a custom Raw format designed for faster post-production and higher-quality images. Profoto says, ‘Get ahead of the game with tone, color, and exposure adjustments already in place as you shoot. All optimized for best results with Profoto lights.’ ProfotoRAW uses the industry-standard DNG file format, so ProfotoRAW images can be edited in any photo editing app supporting DNG. ProfotoRAW files are five to eight times larger than JPEG files.

Being able to use your smartphone with nearly the same capabilities as a DSLR is game changing for any creator. I love how straightforward the Profoto Camera is and that it allows you to have so much freedom and creativity available from inside your pocket,’ said Kyle Jeffers.

Pierre-Edouard Saillard adds, ‘I always have my iPhone with me, and now with the Profoto Camera I can shoot everywhere with the same gear I use in my studio. The Profoto Camera is really intuitive and easy to use and having the option to have full manual control with my iPhone and Profoto lights is perfect for creating professional photos anywhere and at any time.’

Profoto Camera features. Click to enlarge and read all the details.
The Profoto Camera app is available for free on Android and iOS devices. The iOS version is compatible with iPhone 7 or later running iOS 14 or later. The Android version is available on Samsung Galaxy S8, S9, S10, S20, S21 and Note 9 smartphones running Android OS 8 or later. For more information and to download the Profoto Camera app, visit Profoto.

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