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SmartThings and Entrata Make Property Managers’ (and Residents!) Lives Easier with new Integration


Jun 17, 2021

SmartThings and Entrata Make Property Managers’ (and Residents!) Lives Easier with new Integration

From switching over units as residents move in and out to keeping track of ticket repair requests, managing multi-family homes can be tedious and challenging. The process is about to become more seamless with a new integration between Entrata, the multifamily industry’s most comprehensive technology provider, and SmartThings.

Through this integration, property teams will have access to appliance preventative maintenance and diagnostic information via the Entratamation Smart Community Overview, and allow residents app-based control of Samsung smart appliances through Entrata’s ResidentPortal app.   

The partnership with SmartThings integrates Entratamation Smart Work Orders with Samsung’s appliance diagnostic tool, giving property teams the ability to proactively and automatically create real-time and preventative work orders for appliances, while also monitoring community-wide appliance usage. Property teams can also expect efficient onboarding of appliances with the installer app and a seamless move-in/move-out process allowing the ability to grant and revoke access to smart appliances without manually mapping accounts. 

In addition to the convenience-based benefits for property managers, there are also efficiency benefits for residents who currently utilize the ResidentPortal app to control smart locks, thermostats and additional smart home features. With the SmartThings integration, property teams can give residents the ability to adjust settings on Samsung refrigerators, washers and dryers, dishwashers and ovens. This includes the ability to remotely control refrigerator and freezer temperatures and receive immediate notifications if the door is accidentally left open, or initiate washing/drying machine cycles from anywhere, monitor cooking progress and adjust oven temperature, and more. 

SmartThings is committed to ensuring a seamless connected living experience for everyone, and we’re thrilled to showcase how this integration improves the smart home experience for both property managers and residents. 


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