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Mets get good news on ace’s shoulder


Jun 17, 2021

The New York Mets received a positive injury update on ace Jacob deGrom, who left last night’s game with a shoulder injury.

Head, shoulder, knees and toes. The New York Mets have been through the wringer with deGrom in recent weeks. He’s had a short stint on the injured list, but for the most part deGrom has left his last few starts with fairly insignificant injuries.

Add in Wednesday’s start against the Cubs, which deGrom left in the early innings despite being relatively perfect at the time. In what was a frustrating moment for the Mets ace, he looked uncomfortable on the mound and was removed shortly thereafter with what the team described as a shoulder issue.

After getting looked at by a doctor on Thursday, it appears deGrom will be fine. Whether a stint on the injured list will follow remains unknown at this time.

New York Mets get positive injury update on ace Jacob deGrom

While it’s a relief the Mets’ ace got one positive opinion, he’ll receive a second before he and the team decide how to proceed. deGrom is not out of the woods just yet.

Not to mention, deGrom has proven injury prone in recent starts. At some point, his luck could run out.

So far this season, deGrom is the MVP favorite, which of course means he’d win the NL Cy Young if the campaign ended today. He’s a key part of a Mets team with high expectations.

Thus far, they’ve lived up to those marks, leading the NL East by five games at 35-25. There are more challenging aspirations to come, as it’s only June, but considering their tough start it’s not all that bad.

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