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Knockout City Heatwave Event Brings Summer Cosmetics and More


Jun 17, 2021

Season 1 of Knockout City is well underway, and we have the first big limited-time seasonal event since the launch Block Party. Launching on June 22, Heatwave lets the citizens of Knockout City beat the heat with some summer themed cosmetics, which can be earned by completing special event contracts and earning Heatwave tickets. There will also be exclusive premium cosmetic items available in the Brawl Shop for Holobux, but they’re gone once the Knockout City Heatwave event ends on July 6th!Oh look! The announcement said June all along! *nods enthusiastically*Hey! Here’s a photo of an Ice Pop!!! pic.twitter.com/C09AVfQt0P— Knockout City (@knockoutcity) June 16, 2021Heatwave will introduce 100 collectible Ice Pops scattered across all of Knockout City’s maps. Completing matches, finding Ice Pops, and finishing contracts will award Heatwave tickets, which can be redeemed in the limited-time Heatwave event shop for an assortment of event-exclusive cosmetic items, including a fancy new glider that looks like an ice cream truck and an MVP pose that features an innertube and a lazy river.If players manage to complete all of the Heatwave event contracts before the event ends, they’ll get a Legendary Ultimate Hologram called the Fire Hydrant.Further, Velan Studios is adding a couple of fun new modes while the Heatwave event is running. Starting on June 22, players can jump into Party Face-Off. This takes the classic Face Off 1v1 mode and amps it up with ALL special balls. You’ll still have the closing danger zone and a lack of border warnings, just like the classic Face Off mode.Then on June 29th, players can jump into Triple Team Chaos. This is a three-team 2v2v2 match, with the first team to reach 15 winning. Make sure you grab your best partner, or hope matchmaking pairs you with someone good.The dodgeball game has already reached more than 5 million players, but if you don’t have anyone to play with, you can convince friends to try out Knockout City for free for the first 25 levels before they need to consider buying it, which they’ll definitely end up doing because it’s that good. (Trust me, I used that tactic on my brother last weekend!) It features full cross-play on all platforms, so people can play together no matter where they prefer to play.Knockout City is also celebrating Juneteenth with three free icons that honor and support Black friends, coworkers and fellow teammates. You can grab them all with the redemption code in the tweet below to show your support in game.We created these icons to honor and support our friends, coworkers and fellow teammates. You can download them all at once with code 59N6-E5TT-EGN3-KB9P-C8KM, or find them in the Brawl Shop.2/2— Knockout City (@knockoutcity) June 15, 2021The Knockout City Heatwave event begins June 22nd and runs through July 6th.

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