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Kickstarter: BAD Wrap is a flexible, padded waterproof wrap for your camera gear: Digital Photography Review – Game Up News
  • Sat. Apr 13th, 2024

Kickstarter: BAD Wrap is a flexible, padded waterproof wrap for your camera gear: Digital Photography Review


Jun 17, 2021

BAD Equipment, founded this year in Boulder, CO, has taken to Kickstarter to launch its first product, BAD Wrap. The BAD Wrap is a posable cover that provides flexible, form-fitting protection for your fragile equipment, including camera gear.
BAD Wrap has been designed by a team of experienced photographers, designers and engineers. BAD Equipment aims to design for the photography and technology spaces. In the case of the Wrap, Calvin Bond, spokesperson for BAD Equipment, said, ‘As photographers and tech-obsessed travelers, we saw a need for a multi-functional travel case that can be customized to whatever needs protection. The ability to instantly wrap your valuables – no matter the unique shape – offers a versatility unmatched in the industry. While there are thousands of cases for cameras, lenses and tablets on the market – there’s nothing like the BAD Wrap.’

The BAD Wrap is built from padded, waterproof materials and includes an internal freeze frame, which allows users to mold the shape of the BAD Wrap to fit their equipment. The wrap can hold contents in place without fasteners or straps, offering quick, easy-to-use and custom-fitted protection.

The BAD Wrap is waterproof
Coming in three sizes, small, medium and large, BAD Wrap is compatible with a wide range of cameras and lenses. The small size is said to work for small camera lenses, action cameras, hard drives and more. The medium size works for tablets, camera bodies, compact drones, headphones and other similarly-sized items. Finally, a large BAD Wrap works for laptops, tripods and full camera rigs.

The BAD Wrap comes in three sizes, ranging from $25 to $65, although Kickstarter backers can save up to 40% off the planned retail prices.
As of now, BAD Wrap still has a ways to go to hit its funding goal. The small BAD Wrap is available for as little as $18 ($25 MSRP). The medium size Wrap starts at $28 ($40 MSRP). Finally, the large size is available for $48 ($65 MSRP). All three sizes are expected to ship to backers this December.

To learn more about BAD Wrap and see each backer option, head to Kickstarter.

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