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Sony Prefers Striking Deals for New PlayStation IPs, Says Hermen Hulst


Jun 16, 2021

PlayStation Studios boss Hermen Hulst has said that Sony prefers striking external partnerships for new IPs as opposed to going on studio shopping sprees in order to keep things fresh.Speaking to Eurogamer, Hulst said that PlayStation Studios is growing, and the team is “always on the lookout for incredible new experiences” regardless of the genre and size of studio. Sony’s primary focus is on seeking talent and empowering developers to create without constraints by offering them the same services and facilities available to its own first-party studios.“If I come across a core group of people that are building a new outfit, that have gained incredible experience and matured as creatives, and then you take the shackles off, you give them a white sheet of paper, it’s just fascinating to see what they’re going to do with it,” Hulst added.While Sony has only recently begun announcing a string of external partnerships, the company has been working with these partners behind the scenes for quite some time. That’s the case with Deviation Games, at least, who revealed that it has been developing its new AAA PlayStation 5 game for over a year.“New IP is amazing,” Hulst continued. “We’re always looking to offer fresh new experiences to the audience, to the PlayStation community. It’s also an honor for me as the head of PlayStation Studios to find a group like Jason, Dave and their team [at Deviation] to work with us.Sony previously said that Deviation’s new game is still “a little while out.”[Source: Eurogamer]

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