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Report: Sony’s next-gen VR headset will use Samsung OLED panels and launch in 2022


Jun 16, 2021

The successor to Sony’s PlayStation VR headset will feature OLED panels manufactured by Samsung and launch in 2022, according to a new Bloomberg report

People familiar with the matter told the publication that the unnamed ‘next-generation VR system,’ announced by Sony in February this year, is currently slated to launch during the 2022 holiday season. 

The tidbit was buried inside a larger report on iPhone display maker turned VR specialist Japan Display Inc, and also indicated that Sony will be turning to Samsung to create OLED panels for its work-in-progress VR goggles.  

Sony has already revealed the VR system will be compatible with the PlayStation 5, and will improve on the original PlayStation VR headset by offering enhanced resolution, field of view, tracking, and input.

The Japanese console maker also recently pulled back the curtain on its next-gen VR controllers, which pull over some features from the PlayStation 5’s new DualSense gamepad including haptic feedback and adaptive triggers. 

The orb-shaped controllers also incorporate finger touch detection that should allow players to make more natural hand gestures during gameplay. 

Both Sony and Samsung declined to comment on the rumors when asked by Bloomberg.

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