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How a meme of Gandalf holding an AK-47 inspired survival sandbox Wizard with a Gun


Jun 16, 2021

“This is pretty much the image that started it,” says Patrick Morgan, whose title is “Business Doer” for Galvanic Games. The picture is of Gandalf holding an AK-47, a meme that inspired Galvanic to name their upcoming co-op survival sandbox “Wizard with a Gun.”

A meme of Gandalf packing heat isn’t the very start of it, though. Galvanic (back in 2016 it there were just four of them) had been playing a lot of Klei’s Don’t Starve Together, and were kicking around the idea of a game about “gritty, western-style wizard gunslingers whose bullets came out in the form of spells,” says Morgan. Another meme they enjoyed showed Harry Potter shooting Voldemort with a handgun.

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