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Carlos Rodon brings up Astros in harsh criticism for Rob Manfred


Jun 16, 2021

Chicago White Sox hurler Carlos Rodon is disgusted with the league threatening 10-game suspension for foreign substances, referencing how MLB handled the Astros drama. 

Rob Manfred is not a very popular guy on Tuesday. After the massive news dropped that pitchers will be ejected from games and face 10-game suspensions for using foreign substances, the MLB commissioner has been blasted for his decision all over the place.

If you ask Chicago White Sox hurler Carlos Rodon, Manfred has made a massive mistake here. Going one step further, Rodon called Manfred out for handing out 10-game suspensions to pitchers for the use of substances, but basically giving the Houston Astros a slap on the wrist for their sign-stealing scandal.

Carlos Rodon didn’t hold back in going after Rob Manfred on Tuesday

“That way I look at it is, it’s hard to see you’re giving out 10-game suspensions for cheating, but you give the Astros no suspensions at all,” Rodon said. “So I mean, if Rob Manfred can look at himself in the mirror and say, ‘hey, I’m doing the right thing,’ that’s fine. You can’t suspend the team that you actually knew was cheating during a playoff game? That’s on you.”

Goodness, Rodon really did not hold anything back in the video above, torching Manfred for the new MLB policy. Houston has easily become one of the biggest villains in all of sports thanks to their 2017 scandal, which saw it win the World Series and Jose Altuve take home AL MVP honors.

Rodon is clearly furious that nothing serious was done with Houston, while he and fellow pitchers now could be suspended at the drop off a hat. Something clearly isn’t adding up here, with Rodon and so many others out there furious with what Manfred has decided.

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