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Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War Warzone Season Four Roadmap


Jun 15, 2021

The Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War Warzone Season Four roadmap is officially here, giving us a look at what’s coming this week and over the next couple months of both games. New maps, modes, and a limited-time event support the next step of the narrative, while a new round-based Zombies map coming mid-season will push the Dark Aether storyline forward. There are also plenty of new weapons to earn, and plenty of other surprises to come when Season Four launches on June 17th.The Call of Duty blog dropped all the details you need to know about the upcoming season, including the roadmap below (click to enlarge):Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War Warzone Season Four RoadmapGround Fall EventSimilar to Season Three’s “Hunt for Adler” event, this new event kicks off the Season Four story in earnest, letting players earn rewards for handling unique objectives involving SAT-links across Warzone and Black Ops Cold War. More details on this event will be available in the limited time event tab in each game’s menu.Three New OperatorsJackal: Warsaw Pact (Launch, Battle Pass) – Jackal is the main baddie featured for Season Four, the new Perseus Operator in South Africa that Stitch had been referring to. He’ll be unlocked at rank 0 of the Season Four Battle Pass, with a new “Ultra-Rarity” skin available at Tier 100. Treyarch will offer more details about Ultra-Rarity Operator skins on June 15th in the Battle Pass breakdown.Salah: NATO (In-Season, Premium Bundle) – A new CIA operative, he’s a Counterterrorism and Hostage Rescue expert. Salah is coming mid-season as part of a premium bundle.Weaver: NATO (In-Season, Premium Bundle) – After Samantha Maxis joined the fray following her rescue at the end of the Firebase Z Zombies Easter egg quest, Requiem’s own Grigori Weaver is entering the fight. His launch skin is based on his original Black Ops model, complete with the recent loss of his eye. Weaver  will be available as a Premium Bundle later in the season.Five New Weapons (Free for All Players)MG 82: LMG (Launch, Battle Pass Tier 15)C58: Assault Rifle (Launch, Battle Pass Tier 31)Nail Gun: Special (Black Ops Cold War)/SMG (Warzone) (Launch, Challenges or Premium Bundles)OTs 9: SMG (In-Season, Challenges or Premium Bundles)Mace: Melee (In-Season, Challenges or Premium Bundles)BLACK OPS COLD WAR FREE CONTENT:Four Multiplayer MapsCollateral (12v12) and Collateral Strike (6v6) (Launch) – Map under the sun in Algeria, the same location where the CIA satellite crashed. There’s an abandoned village, oil drill op, and surrounding dunes, making this a perfect map for both Combined Arms play with vehicles, and the tighter 6v6 Strike version of the map that focuses on one area.Amsterdam (2v2 and 3v3) (Launch) – Based on the opening mission of Black Ops Cold War, this tight map sets you on the roofs of Amsterdam in smaller player count game types.Hijacked (6v6) (Launch) – The return of a classic Black Ops II map, the whole of Hijakced is aboard a yacht in the ocean, including a lot of verticality through the boars labyrinthine decks.Rush (6v6) (In-Season) – Another returning Black Ops II map, Rush is a remastered paintball-themed arena map, featuring tight zones in the middle for close combat and longer ranges in the external buildings.New Multiplayer ModesMulti-Team: Sat-Link (Launch) – The Fireteam playlist gets another mode with Sat-Link, where ten squads of four fight to capture and power up Sat-Links to upload dataOne in the Chamber (Launch) – A returning favorite from Black Ops, this mode gives players one very lethal bullet and three very fragile lives. You’ll need to get kills in order to get more bullets, and may have to resort to deadly melee attacks if you miss your shot.Capture the Flag (In-Season) – A longtime multiplayer staple, Capture the Flag asks players to capture flags and return it to the own base, while protecting their own flag. You can only score if your own flag remains in your home base.New Scorestreak — The Hand CannonEight high-caliber rounds fill this semi-auto hand cannon, whose shots will prove to be lethal no matter where they strike. Also effective against vehicles and scorestreaks.Desperate times call for “Desperate Measures,” and those who completed that mission in Black Ops Cold War’s Campaign know the power of the Hand Cannon.A semiautomatic handgun chambered in a ridiculously high-caliber round, the Hand Cannon delivers lethal damage to anywhere on the body, as the sheer kinetic impact incapacitates any Operator at a minimum, or blows them to smithereens with a well-placed shot.The Hand Cannon can also deal significant damage to enemy vehicle Scorestreaks, especially those on the ground, but with only eight rounds in its chamber, it may be worth using them all on infantry forces.A New Outbreak Region, Main Quest, and Intel in Zombies – ZooZoo is a new Outbreak region featuring a zoo overrun by zombies! In addition, Outbreak is getting a new story Easter egg, Operation Excision. This Easter egg quest will feed into…A New Zombies Round-Based Map Experience – Mauer der Toten (Mid-Season)The next piece of the Zombies story takes place in East Berlin following a massive zombie outbreak. Treyarch promises this new round-based map will offer new twists, turns, and threats, with plenty of surprises and more to be shared soon.New Onslaught Content (PlayStation-only) (Launch and In-Season)Collateral and Rush are coming to Onslaught in Season Four, along with the “Onslaught Accelerated” limited-time mode, and a Legendary LMG Weapon Blueprint for completing an Onslaught-specific challenge.WARZONE FREE CONTENTNew Points of Interest — Satellite Crash Sites (Launch)The face of Verdansk is changing once more, with Satellite Crash Sites that have impacted the landscape, leaving debris and trails of destruction in their wakes. Securing these Sat Links is part of the limited time Ground Fall event.Red Doors (Launch)The Red Doors have been teased since we launched back into 1980s Verdansk, and players have seen them scattered around the map, but now it appears they will do…something. Here’s what Raven has to say about them:Our intel cannot explain the origin of these mysterious red doors around Verdansk, but one thing is certain: They allow you to [[REDACTED]] around the [[REDACTED]]. What’s behind them? Explore and enter them to [[REDACTED]] across the [[REDACTED]].Red Doors won’t [[REDACTED]] unless you ping them, and after you step through, there’s no telling [[REDACTED]] exiting out the other side… and stepping into a [[REDACTED]].The Red Door was a prominent thing in the Black Ops Cold War campaign, and it appears that they have something to do with the numbers program. Many think this is the game’s new fast travel system, though it appears it could be randomized.Hijacked Gulag (Launch)A new Gulag experience mimics the Hijacked map, a plywood recreation of the yacht’s innermost area.New Vehicle — Dirt Bike (Launch)The first new vehicle added to Warzone, the dirt bike should change the experience up quite a bit with a new option to compete with the ATV.Nakatomi Plaza is Now Downtown Tower (Launch)Nakatomi Plaza is staying in Verdansk after the conclusion of the the ’80s Action Heroes event. No longer referred to as the iconic name from Die Hard, the “Downtown Tower” is remaining in the city under new management. The vault has been cleared of its riches, but all the tactics you learned for this POI remain the same.New Game ModesVerdansk Resurgence Mini (Launch) – A better imitation of the Rebirth Island Resurgence mode. No Gulag, higher quality items, extreme clarity on enemy positions upon elimination of a squad member, a Resurgence timer, and special Supply Boxes that replenish over time. And you’ll have a smaller pool of players, max of 45, with a smaller starting circle to keep the game frenetic.Payload (Mid-Season) – Warzone’s first-ever objective-based game mode. 40 players will attempt to escort two caravans of vehicles through checkpoints, or you can choose to sabotage the mission. Barriers to build and buildings to purchase will aid your squad, and more details will be revealed later.Additionally, the baseball bat makes its way into Verdansk in Season Four.Of course, as with all previous seasons, you’ll get four new Prestige Ranks to unlock, and a whole new Battle Pass full of new content. Details on the full Battle Pass will come later this week.Season Four will also bring a gifting system, letting you send the Battle Pass, Battle Pass Bundle, or Store Bundles to one another within Black Ops Cold War.Black Ops Cold War Warzone Season Four Update File Size and Release DateLaunching June 17th, the updates will be available for players earlier so they can drop in right when the new Season launches.Update TimingBlack Ops Cold War – June 15 at 9 PM PTWarzone – June 16 at 9 PM PTUpdate File SizeBlack Ops Cold War Update SizesPlayStation 5: 30 GBPlayStation 4: 15.5 GBXbox Series X / Xbox Series S: 31.0 GBXbox One: 17.7 GBPC: 21.6 GB (without HD Pack) / 30.7 GB (with HD Pack)Warzone Update SizesPlayStation 5: 11 GBPlayStation 4: 11 GBXbox Series X / Xbox Series S: 11.2 GBXbox One: 11.2 GBPC: 12.3 GB (Warzone Only) / 13.5 GB (Warzone and Modern Warfare)Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Warzone Season Four kicks off on June 17th at 12am Eastern (June 16th at 9pm Pacific).[Source: COD Blog]

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