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Samsung Galaxy S22 family display sizes leak, only the Ultra will adopt LTPO


Jun 14, 2021

We are still a long way away from Samsung’s Galaxy S22 series but we already have a couple of reports from unnamed inside sources. They both claim to reveal details on the displays of the upcoming flagship family and the numbers quoted align.

According to one of the leaks, the Galaxy S22 will feature a 6.06-inch display, the S22+ will use a 6.55-inch panel and the Ultra will retain the 6.81-inch diagonal. And as per the other rumor, the phones are expected to have 6.1″, 6.5-6.6″ and 6.8″ screens, respectively.

The numbers suggest vanilla S22 and the Plus-sized variant will have smaller screens than their 2020 counterparts. Another bit where the reports align is that once again only the Ultra model will offer the LTPO OLED screen.

Source 1 • Source 2 (in Korean)

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