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Rainbow Six Extraction Heading to Consoles on September 16


Jun 13, 2021

During Ubisoft Forward, we got a first look at Rainbow Six Extraction in action. The gameplay trailer and extended gameplay walkthrough showed how the capture of an operative during a failed mission triggers a full scale recovery operation, and players will be able to try it for themselves in September.Players can either take on missions on their own or join up with a couple of friends as part of a squad of Rainbow Six Operators called Rainbow Exogenous Analysis and Containment Team (REACT). Led by Ash, Mira, and Thermite, the aim is to take down a new and dangerous Archæan threat. Players will have a choice of 18 Operators including some familiar faces with their own gadgets, weapons, and abilities, some of which will be tailored specifically to the new threat and can be upgraded as players progress.The operators are facing an evolved form of a parasite that was initially detected during an outbreak event in New Mexico. It has now spread to New York, San Francisco and Alaska. The game will include 12 maps set across the four regions of the US and each will have procedurally-generated challenges and enemies that increase in difficulty as players work their way across the map. The parasites are always evolving and spreading. The basic Sprawl is a pool that spreads across the map, slowing down Operators and helping the Archæans to move more efficiently. There are also projectile throwing Spikers, exploding Breachers and shape-shifting Tormentors, not forgetting the rather large Apex as well. More species and mutations will be appearing in the full game.Once players have completed the mission in a containment sub-zone, they can either extract or risk it all to venture deeper into the zone. Here they’ll face tougher enemies but have a chance to earn better rewards. The one main risk to take into account is that if an enemy is downed and captured by the Archæans, they’ll become Missing in Action (MIA) within that zone. MIA Operators can’t be played until they’re rescued. Here’s a more detailed look at gameplay:Previously known as Rainbow Six Quarantine, Rainbow Six Extraction will be released on PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4 on September 16.Players will be able to make use of cross-play and cross-save across all of the game’s platforms, although there will be platform-specific unlocks to earn too. Those who also own Rainbow Six Siege will find all 18 Operators unlocked within that game too, as well as a United Front cosmetic bundle for both games.[Source: Ubisoft]

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