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Nail Salon Hints, Tips and Cheats – How to Serve Celebrities, Fix Your Salon and More


Jun 12, 2021

You’re never going to guess what Nail Salon is about. Oh. You did. It’s a game that sees you running your own nail salon. You’re shaping, painting, cleaning and loads more. There’s a lot to take in, but you don’t have to completely lose your mind, because we’re here to help you. 

In this strategy guide we’re going to walk you through everything you need to know to run the best nail salon the world has ever seen. Literally. Follow these hints, tips and tricks and you’ll be on your way to keratin-based glory.

That pretty much covers it, to be honest. So here are the very best hints, tips and cheats for Nail Salon. You can thank us later. Maybe do our nails, yeah?

Match the picture

When you’re serving a client, there’ll be a picture in the top left of the screen that shows you exactly what they want. Follow the picture in terms of the shape of the nail and the color the customer is after and you’re going to do just fine.

You can’t go wrong

It’s basically impossible to paint in the wrong place or file or cut a nail down too short. The game will stop when you reach the red line when you’re shaping a nail. When you get there, lift up your finger and the file or clippers will move and you can start again. With the paint, just slop it on, it’s all fine.

Upgrade your salon

The cash you earn can be spent on upgrading your salon. This will make everything look nicer and eventually attract better clients. There’ll be an icon on the left of the screen when you can upgrade, so check it out. There’s no point watching the videos to upgrade though.

Unlock the new items

New items mean new kinds of tasks to try and complete. You’ll need to watch a video to get them, but it’s worth it. Unless you want to spend the whole game clipping nails, that is. And hey, if that’s what floats your boat, we’re not here to judge. Much.

Play the celebrity challenges

The celebrity challenges are some of the most entertaining in the game. You’ll get extra cash for doing them, and they’re usually a little bit more difficult than the normal levels. It’s always worth doing them, so grit your teeth, watch a video, and then have a bit of fun.

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