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Godfall Confirmed for PlayStation 4, Launching in August


Jun 12, 2021

Gearbox and Counterplay Games have announced their PS5 console-exclusive looter-slasher Godfall will be released on PlayStation 4 in August. The game will arrive alongside the Fire & Darkness expansion and the free Lightbringer update on all platforms.Godfall was the first-ever PS5 game to be announced, although it was later revealed to be exclusive to the platform for just six months. The game recently received a PEGI rating for PS4 so the announcement of the last-gen console version is not surprising. Those who purchase the game on PS4 will be able to upgrade to the PS5 version for free when they move onto the new-gen console. In the meantime, PS4 and PS5 players can use cross-gen play to go looting together.Fire & Darkness is the game’s first ever expansion. The fire realm is in need of saving. Here, players will encounter new enemies and bosses, and face new challenges. There will be additional trophies released alongside the expansion too. Both the expansion and the Lightbringer update will also get a huge amount of cosmetic items for players to earn just by completing objectives within the game, including more than 50 new Valorplate skins.The team will be also adding matchmaking functionality that will enter beta when the upcoming free Lightbringer update is released. The update will also add a new Lightbringer endgame loop where players have to battle the darkness that threatens Aperion. There will be a new loot type with more than 40 new items to earn where players need to complete challenges to lift the curse and awaken them. The developers state this loot type is even more difficult to earn than the Primal loot.All of the above content will be released on August 10 for all platforms. In the game at the moment, the Primal update has added new ascension levels, an overhauled Tower of Trials, Volatile Dreamstones, Zenun the Shopkeeper, and a variety of bug fixes and gameplay improvements.[Source: Gearbox]

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