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Epos B20 Review – Mic-ing yourself heard


Jun 10, 2021

On occasion we like to test out the latest kit on Gamezebo – headphones, controllers, and so on. This B20 microphone from Epos – who are new company on the block, and focus on high quality accessories for gamers – is something a bit different.

Yes, the Gamezebo YouTube channel has been a bit quiet of late – sorry about that – but members of our team still use a microphone to record audio and create video content.  

So with that in mind we decided to give the B20 a whirl, and it largely doesn’t disappoint.

What’s worth noting straight away is that this isn’t a cheap option if you’re looking for a microphone. Whereas something like a lower end Blue Snowball will cost you less than £100, the B20 will set you back double that.

It largely lives up to that pricetag though. The packaging indicates that from the off, with the microphone being pleasingly weighty and boasting a semi-matte aluminium housing. The buttons all have a solid feel to them as well.

A big advantage the unit has it that it can be mounted vertically and horizontally too, although you’ll need to mount it on a boom arm (not included) to get the best possible sound quality – especially when streaming.

We had no issues in terms of performance, with the supplied EPOS Gaming Suite allowing you to tweak your recordings to your heart’s content. There’s also four mic patterns available to use including cardioid, omnidirectional, bidirectional, and stereo. We found the cardoid option was the most consistent and reliable of the quartet.

We were largely recording just vocals with it though, and the B20 offers up a very consistent and reliable level of quality in this regard. There was a warmth to the vocals we recorded, even if on occasion we felt the unit struggle if we were sat a little bit to far away from it. However it never pumped out a level of quality that was unacceptable considering the conditions – but you’d expect that for the price.

There’s very few other core points we can cover – the Epos B20 ultimately works very well and feels great to use. It justifies its high price and is worth considering for anyone looking to start streaming and wants a simple to use yet high quality unit. 

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