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Popular Manga Slave B Is Now Available on the Kakao Webtoon Thailand Platform


Jun 8, 2021

Slave B, the hugely popular manga webtoon, has arrived in Thailand in conjunction with the launch of Kakao Webtoon Thailand. 

In case you’re not familiar with it, here’s the lowdown. Slave B is written by Lim-ins, the author behind hit webtoon Let’s Fight Ghosts, and it’s based on the story and lore of MU Online, Webzen’s 2001 PC MMORPG. 

The webtoon is set in a high school – notoriously the most brutal environment known to humanity – and it tells the story of a Niro, a half-elf, half-human boy adopted by slaves in a dystopian civilization. 

It gets worse. Niro’s parents, being slaves, are subjected to constant brutal treatment. Eventually they lose their lives, leaving Niro to fend for himself and protect his younger sisters.

Fortunately, he has a role model in the form of King Muren, a former slave who escaped a life of forced servitude by enrolling at the Excanum school. 

Niro decides to follow in King Muren’s footsteps by enrolling at the same school, and there his adventure begins. 

Slave B is already available in a number of regions, including Korea (KakaoPage), China (Tencent Dongman), and France (Delitoon). It has a huge following, with more than 80 million global views so far. That number is set to rise now that Slave B is available in Thailand too. 

Season 1 of Slave B is 50 episodes long, with 30 available at launch and more set to be posted every Thursday. The first ten of those are free, so you can find out whether Slave B is your kind of thing without paying a penny. 

Spoiler alert: if you’re into smart, compelling, twist-filled stories, Slave B is definitely your kind of thing. 

To check it out, head to Kakao Webtoon Thailand right now

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