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Beat Master Strategy Guide – Lay Down Some Rhymes With These Hints, Tips and Cheats


Jun 8, 2021

Beat Master is a game about living the life of a rapper. Well, sort of. There’s a lot of menial tasks to complete here – you’re not just dropping lyrics and walking off the stage. That means there’s a lot you’re going to have to understand if you want to take your career all the way to the top.

And that’s where this guide comes in. We’ve played a good chunk of Beat Master and discovered the hints, tips and tricks that you need to win. Keep these strategies in mind and you’re going to be rushing up the charts in no time flat.

Whether you’re a novice rapper or you’re already doing pretty well, there’s going to be something here that’ll push you up to the next level. So let’s do it, shall we? Here are the best hints, tips and cheats for Beat Master.

The best words rhyme

In the rapping levels, you want to be picking the words that rhyme to get the best scores. There’s usually a couple of these, and they’re marked in the green. Aim to stop the arrow in the darkest green section and you’ll be in the best position to take down your foe and move on to the next challenge.

Vibrations are good

Usually when your phone vibrates it means you’ve put something in the right place. Use this to complete levels where you’re not entirely sure what you should be doing. Move an item around until you feel a vibration and you should be on the right track.

Keep your girl happy

On dating days, try and make sure you’re giving your girlfriend a present. That’s going to keep her happy and open up new options the deeper you get into the game. If you unlock a new girl and fancy changing up, then switch them out by watching a video. Wow, it’s just like real life.

Remember how the levels work

Eventually all of the levels are going to come round again. Remember how you succeeded in them the first time round and you’re pretty much set. There’s not that much variety, so as long as you got things right the first time you played a level, you’re guaranteed to nail it the next time.

Should I increase my cash?

Instead of watching videos to increase your cash, watch them to get the best items for your girlfriend. The end result is the same, but you won’t have to watch as many adverts to get there. You’ll still have cash you can spend from time to time as well, so it’s the smartest way to play.

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