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ASRock RX 6900 XT OC Formula Review


Jun 8, 2021

With a new spin of the Navi 21 GPU, the ASRock Radeon RX 6900 XT OC Formula is a contender for the best of all AMD graphics cards. Yes, here we go again, another drool worthy flagship graphics card that’s facing limited availability and offensively inflated pricing. 

But is there light at the end of the tunnel? The crypto market crash has shaken the resolve of some miners. With many coins dropping in price it’s suddenly become harder to recoup such a hefty outlay on the top cards. Does this mean RX 6000 and RTX 3000 cards will find their way into the hands of gamers and not those of miners? We just have to wait and see. A single Elon Musk tweet can upend everything.

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