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Finnish studio Quicksave Interactive nets $1.3 million to create HTML-5 chat games


Jun 6, 2021

Helsinki-based game studio Quicksave Interactive has raised $1.3 million to create HTML-5 social games that can be played on messaging platforms.

As reported by GamesBeat, the Finnish studio is keen to develop bite-sized experiences that can be played inside chat apps like Facebook Messenger. The company has plenty of pedigree in the chat game arena, having already released a string of titles including Rambo: Last Click and Balloon Boy

QuickSave was founded by Elina Arponen, Ville-Kalle Arponen, and Timo Kamarainen who previously worked together at PC game company, Tribe Studios. They reunited under the Quicksave banner in 2017 to create games for the “emerging platform of messaging.”

“This space is growing and it’s maturing,” said Quicksave chief exec, Arponen, commenting on the evolution of chat games. “The quality is going up and the business models are starting to function well. It would be more interesting if certain things were more possible on iOS phones. Quality-wise, the games are very close to what you will find on a mobile app store, and they can have more social features available.”

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