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BlueBird Aero ThunderB-VTOL – sUAS News


Jun 6, 2021

Think Vertically – Act Differently – ThunderB-VTOL has completed its 300 Flights milestone !
One year after the development was kicked off, Bluebird’s ThunderB-VTOL has successfully completed this 300 flights milestone.
The first batch has already been boxed, ready to be shipped early next week to the Customer.

It’s the Bluebird’s team, the Bluebird’s spirit of true dedication and determination – that makes it possible.
It’s the ground-breaking technology – that makes it the best.Go Bluebird ! Fly Bluebird !
ThunderB-VTOL is a robust, innovative and versatile UAS for long-range covert, real-time day and cooled-IR stabilized payloads for Intelligence, Surveillance, Target Acquisition and Reconnaissance (ISTAR) operations. It features extended endurance and greater take-off weight, making it suitable for large area coverage, even in harsh weather conditions. With high-performance sensors, comms and software algorithms, it provides rapid GPS-marked high-definition (HD) video, photogrammetric tactical mapping on demand (TMOD) and other intelligence assets.
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