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Gas Station Inc Strategy Guide – Fill ‘Em Up With These Hints, Tips and Cheats


Jun 5, 2021

Gas Station Inc is a casual simulator that sees you running your own garage. There’s gas to pump, wheels to fix, things to sell and robbers to scare off. All in a day’s work, really. But you’re going to have to understand a good few things if you want to make sure your new business is running as smoothly as possible.

That’s where this strategy guide comes in. We’ve uncovered a whole bunch of hints, tips and tricks for Gas Station Inc, and now we’re passing those strategies on to you. Follow these and you’ll be raking in the cash in no time flat.

If this is your first stab at running a garage, or if you’ve been playing for a bit longer, you’re going to find something here that’ll help you along. Sound good? Right then, let’s get on with it – here are, in no particular order, the best hints, tips and cheats for Gas Station Inc.

Green is good

The game often color codes what you need to do. When you’re filling a tank, for example, you want to get the gauge into the green. Red usually represents something that needs fixing or changing. Learn the cues that the game gives you and things will get much easier.

Get the new equipment

The more equipment you’ve got, the more customers you can serve. Watch the videos to unlock new pieces of kit and you’ll open up new experiences in the game, which are going to make it a lot more enjoyable in the long run. And a lot more varied too.

Listen to what the customer says

The customer will tell you what they want, so make sure to read carefully and do what they say. That’s especially important when you’re pumping gas, because if you give them the wrong type they’ll get upset. Pay attention to what drivers are looking for and you’ll do a lot better.

Don’t increase your cash

At the end of every day you’ll be offered a chance to increase the cash you’ve earned. Since you’re already going to be watching a lot of videos to unlock the new equipment, it’s best to pass on these. You can spend the cash on upgrades to your garage, but you’ll earn enough just by playing to do that anyway. 

Line it up

In a lot of the challenges you’ll need to line something up – pouring gas is one example, loosening wheel nuts is another. When you think you’ve got the angle right, lift up your finger. If you’re in the right place the game will automatically take care of the next step for you. Simple as that.

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