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The Magnificent Trufflepigs Now Available


Jun 4, 2021

The world of Thunkd and AMC Games’ The Magnificent Trufflepigs is now available on Steam.

Designed by Andrew Crawshaw (Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture) and scored by composer Kevin Penkin (Necrobarista), this title is best described as a romantic metal-detecting narrative adventure that contains a number of treasures for players to unearth.

Learn more with the live action trailer below:

The Magnificent Trufflepigs: Live Action Vignette | Coming Soon This Summer 2021

Thunkd’s director Andrew Crawshaw said the following:

“The Magnificent Trufflepigs encapsulates Thunkd’s mission to deliver games that tell compelling, human-shaped stories that are also evening-sized so that they can fit into busy life styles.”

Clayton Neuman, VP of Games for AMC Networks added:

“This game is a meditation on life, the paths we take, and the people who make us what we are. AMC Games is honored to have played a part in bringing Andrew’s vision to the surface, and we can’t wait for players to dig in.”

The title can be found on Steam here, and currently features a 10% launch discount.

Source: Press Release

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The Magnificent Trufflepigs Now Available

The world of Thunkd and AMC Games’ The Magnificent Trufflepigs is now available on Steam

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