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Video: A look inside Sony’s Osaka CMOS image sensor development facility: Digital Photography Review


Jun 2, 2021

Sony Semiconductor Solutions Group has shared a behind-the-scenes look at the company’s new Osaka office, which opened in April 2020. This new facility, which Sony deems an ‘engineer-first office’ serves as the headquarters for CMOS image sensor design and development.
Sony Semiconductor Solution Group’s press release, which accompanies the original video, says the concept of the building is ‘to create a workplace environment that empowers workers.’ The two-fold concept is described as follows:
‘One is that engineers designed the office. The office is an embodiment of their ideas about what arrangements make it easy for them to work. The second point is that it is based on a new working style, known as Activity-based Working (ABW). The idea is that people have choices of places to work in the office, depending on the types of their jobs at hand. It is expected to create a powerful synergy by allowing engineers from different expert areas work together, as well as to stimulate imagination and promote communication in its organic and friendly environment.’
In addition to providing an insider’s perspective of the new facility, Sony Semiconductor Solutions Group the video interviews engineers who work in the building, including Image Processing Algorithm Engineer, Kazuhiro Hata, Logic Control Unit Block Leader, Yuhei Yoshimoto and Analog Design Technical Leader, Yoshihide Komatsu.
Between Hasselblad’s recent factory behind-the-scenes videos and this new Sony video, it’s nice to see the curtain lifted at least a little on the buildings, machines and minds behind the camera equipment we use for work and play.

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